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 Austin’s On-site Headshot Specialists

Our mobile studio comes to you!

Team portraits starting at $195

Stress-free headshots!

Have you been tasked with arranging a headshot photoshoot? Whether for new employees

or updated photos for existing employees, The Headshot Edge can take care of all the details. Our

on-site photo sessions have helped companies like Apple, Adobe, and get exceptional team portraits with minimal inconvenience.


Lisa Novak, Head of Talent at

Lisa Novak, Head of Talent at
"I really lucked out in finding The Headshot Edge to come in and take professional headshot photos for several of our new employees recently. Owner John Greenleigh made sure the process was simple for me, and ran without issue from start to finish. We ended up with excellent, high quality photos that everyone was happy about! I'm looking forward to partnering with him again."
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