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Booking the Shoot

Submit our contact form and we'll arrange a call to discuss your needs, options, and available photoshoot dates. We can book the shoot and send you a formal quote. A 50% deposit is required for booking. The balance will be due upon delivery of the photos.



Session Prep

Once your shoot is booked we'll send you a document with information about scheduling the time slots for team members and requirements for the shooting area.


A separate PDF with wardrobe and makeup tips will also be sent to you for distribution to the team members.



Shoot Day

We will arrive to set up 60 minutes prior to the start time.


Team members will have been given time slots for their sessions. When they arrive at the set our photographer will help them get comfortable and take a few test shots.


When ready, we will shoot the photos while offering guidance to get a good variety of poses and expressions to choose from.

When the photoshoot is finished the subject can immediately review and choose their favorite shot.

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Retouching and Delivery

The selected image will then be retouched to fix flyaway hairs, minimize lines, and smooth blotchy skin and blemishes.

Enhanced retouching is available for an additional fee.

Within 5 business days, you will receive a link to download the retouched photos, sized and formatted per your specifications.


Additional images can always be purchased.

team headshots austin


Submit our contact form to arrange a call.


  • Do you exclusively shoot headshots on-site?
    Yes. We found that by focusing (no pun intended!) exclusively on company headshots at your office or events in the Austin TX area, we have been able to develop a super efficient and cost effective service that produces consistently exceptional results. Our mobile studio is ready to go anywhere in the Austin area and takes little time to set up.
  • What are the advantages of on-site photoshoots?
    Setting up in an office or an event space allows for the least interruption of your team members’ work day, and helps maintain a consistent look throughout all the photos. Team members can just come to the photo set at their allotted time and within 10 minutes they can be back at work, having already selected their favorite image on our mobile display.
  • Are we paying more to have you come to our location?
    Quite the opposite. Without the costs of maintaining a studio in Austin and all which that entails, we are able to keep our rates in the lower range while matching the high quality of our higher priced competitors.
  • How many headshots can you shoot in a day?
    One photographer at your office can produce approximately 50-80 headshots in an 8 hour day. At industry events, with additional photographers and sets, we can photograph over 150 people per day.
  • Is retouching included?
    Yes, basic retouching - smoothing of the skin, removal of flyaway hairs or lint on clothing - is included in the price. Enhanced retouching is always available to further minimize blemishes, wrinkles, and under-eye circles, and to whiten teeth. Ask about our enhanced retouching.
  • How long before we receive the retouched photos?
    You will receive the finished photos via a download link within 5 - 7 business days (depending on the number) after the photoshoot. Rush retouching is available for additional fees.
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