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Tips for Preparing Your Team for a Headshot Session

When planning a headshot session with your team, it may seem like a herculean task, but with the following tips, the process is made easy. Below are some guidelines that will assist your team to feel and appear their best on camera.

1. Communicate the Details

First of all, let your team know when and where the headshot session will take place, preferably weeks in advance. Make it clear to them that they have a schedule to stick to so that they do not have to guess when they should be prepared. This minimizes any fear and makes everyone be on time.

2. Dress for Success

You should recommend your team to dress appropriately in formal outfits that are related to the company’s image. Plain colors are usually preferred as they do not draw attention to the face and should avoid very bright colors and complicated patterns. Allow employees to dress in a manner that makes them feel comfortable and that they are confident in their choice.

3. Grooming and Hygiene

Ensure that the client’s grooming is done properly several hours before the session. Encourage the team members to shave a week before the event and also refresh them on the aspects of hygiene. Tidy hair and neat grooming and little makeup can help a lot in achieving a neat look.

4. Practice Posing

Some people are not very keen when it comes to facing the camera. Assist your team by giving them pointers on how to look comfortable. It is recommended to perform before a mirror in order to discover the most favorable poses and facial gestures. Tell them to put their shoulders back, let their shoulders down, and to smile.

5. Hydrate and Rest

Remind your team to drink water and get enough sleep the night before the session. People who are well rested usually look more alive and fresh, this is something that will always come out well in pictures.

6. Professional Assistance

It may be advisable to hire a makeup artist or stylist to be available during the session. This can assist your team present themselves well and feel more confident. Hiring a professional can also be time-saving, and it will also help in achieving uniformity in the headshots.

7. Create a Relaxed Environment

Make the environment relaxed and stress free. Play some soft music, offer snacks and drinks and allow the participants to take some rest. A relaxed team will look comfortable to the lens and therefore the photos will look more natural.

8. Provide Guidance and Support

Attend the session to be in a position to assist the client as and when needed. Remind your team that it is alright to be scared and tell them to enjoy the process. They should be told to relax because positive reinforcement will make them do so and get better photos.

9. Feedback and Selection

Finally, let your team view their photos and discuss with them regarding their performance. This makes them feel that they are in charge and also makes them satisfied with the final outcome. A happy team is likely to use and share their headshots more often.

10. Follow-Up and Updates

Headshots should be updated periodically so that the candidate can capture a new look or a new style. Remind your team members to update their professional photos every few years to ensure that they are up to date.

If you apply these tips, you will be able to achieve the best team headshot session and get professional and consistent images for your brand.

Are you and your team ready to book your headshot session? Contact us today and let us get started.


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